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Do you represent a local business or not-for-profit organization looking to raise awareness about the products and services that you offer? Have you considered hosting a Race to Erase stop at your location? Hosting a Race stop is an excellent opportunity to spread the word about what you do in a fun and unique way. Race participants visit these locations on Race Day and complete a challenge lasting anywhere from two to eight minutes. The Race to Erase committee will work with you to create a challenge that presents your message. If you are interested in hosting a stop, please click here and let us know that you would like to host a challenge.

Here's the checklist for hosting a stop:

  1. We will work together to finalize a stop that will work for the event. It should be 3-5 minutes max. It will highlight a core message that you want to get across to participants. Whatever we come up with, we will test prior to the event to ensure it will work.
  2. The timing is all done via the teams mobile phones. We have an app built that handles it all.
  3. Provide one person that knows the stop challenge well and can run through it with volunteers on the morning of the event. If you can provide a few volunteers, that would be great but not necessary. We would need 4 volunteers to host 4 separate stations for teams to complete the challenge. You will have 3-4 teams there at all times.
  4. There is no cost to participate outside of any props that might be needed. We can discuss this.