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Grab three friends, family members or co-workers to form a team of four today. Teams choose which charity they would like their funds to support and their charity receives 100% of funds received. There is no fee to register, but each team is asked to raise a minimum of $500. Prizes are handed out to the top fundraisers.

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Errol Road Public School

Errol Road Public School is a JK to Grade 8 dual-track school located in the north end of Sarnia, providing educational learning in both English and French Immersion for over 440 students. Our school is an integral part of our community, with our school yard and gym being used regularly by community members. Our school yard is currently in need of updating and the existing playground equipment needs to be replaced. School playgrounds are the perfect spot to introduce and encourage social play among children; a place where students learn social norms and how to interact with others. The playground encourages physical activity through creativity and imagination, which can assist with boosting the self-confidence and self-esteem of our students. Our school's playground is a priceless investment in the developmental well-being of our students and provides a place where families can spend time together. In addition to our playground equipment our school is also hoping to replace the aging technology that is used daily by our students. Technology allows educators to remove the physical barriers of the classroom, offering students a way to connect the curriculum with the real world. Our 21st century learners gain exposure to the tools and skills they will likely encounter in the modern workplace while developing their skills in digital literacy and information management. Teachers also use technology to differentiate their instruction to support different types of learning styles and to add some fun and excitement into student learning. New playground equipment and technology will allow us to better serve our young learners and provide the best learning opportunities for all.

Total Donations: 14,Funds Raised: $495.00

Inn of the Good Shepherd

The Inn's mission is to provide service with dignity to those in need of food, shelter and other essentials. The Inn has a food bank, soup kitchen, 2 emergency shelters as well as other assistance programs such as rent/utility bank, income tax clinics, back-to-school kits, winter coat night, mobile market, summer snack packs, children's birthday club and much more.

The majority of Canadians now work in part-time jobs, minimum wage and no benefits. So many of the families and households we serve are working 2-3 part-time jobs, with uncertain hours striving to make ends meet. An everyday life crisis - someone gets sick and needs medicine, a week with shorter hours, glasses or dental work, a car breaking down and needing to be repaired to get to those part time jobs, school supplies or even winter wear. Any incident or need like these puts that household in the very difficult position of having to choose between health or work and food or rent or hydro!

Homelessness has become a crisis in our community with more people living on the streets than we've seen before. Addictions and the severe shortage of affordable housing has compounded this crisis. Between our 2 shelters and overflow shelter programs we are temporarily sheltering over 80 individuals and families and are housing 80 people through transitional and rent supplement programs.

With the severe lack of affordable housing (average rents have doubled in the last 6 years) The Board of The Inn is excited to be undertaking 2 affordable housing projects - in a partnership with Habitat for Humanity a build of 5 tiny townhouses and a affordable housing build with 45-50 units.

The Inn's programs help provide that helping hand to get folks out of these difficult times.

Total Donations: 18,Funds Raised: $538.25

Literacy Lambton

Headquartered in the Lochiel Kiwanis Community Centre in the heart of Sarnia's downtown district, Literacy Lambton's mission is to create and deliver exceptional literacy learning opportunities for the residents of Lambton County.

We help adults 18+ improve their reading, writing, math, basic computer, and digital skills through one-to-one, in-person, or synchronous virtual learning.

Beyond the adult program, Literacy Lambton offers Train Your Brain a FREE eight-week program which helps Grades three and four students work their math & reading muscle in a play-based evening format. Summer Reading Buddies matches volunteer BIGS with Little Buddy readers for half-hour weekly sessions through July and August at the Sarnia downtown library branch.

Baby Bookworms gifts every Lambton County baby born at Bluewater Health with a literacy welcome waiting in the hospital cribs. Inside handmade totes are board books, a keepsake log encouraging parents to read right from birth to the goal of reading 1000 Books Before Kindergarten, and resources empowering new parents with connections to community programs and services.

Literacy Lambton's service is amplified by passionate volunteers from our governance Board to frontline programs. Visit www.literacylambton.org or connect on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn @literacylambton. Literacy Lambton—formerly referred to as Organization for Literacy in Lambton—has been powering people's potential since 1989.

Registered charitable #135262012 RR0001

Total Donations: 0,Funds Raised: $0.00

Pathways Health Centre For Children

Pathways Health Centre for Children is a family-centered community agency that serves Lambton County children and youth with physical, developmental, and communication needs and their families, as well as adults for some specialized services. As one of a large group of Children's Treatment Centres in the province of Ontario, the Centre provides a continuum of rehabilitation and support services in the community as well as an on-site integrated child care service. 

Total Donations: 6,Funds Raised: $515.00

River City Vineyard

River City Vineyard is a church and community outreach center in Sarnia, Ontario. Throughout the week we operate an emergency food bank and "snack pack" program, a shower/hygiene program (where anyone is able to come and take a hot shower and receive any required toiletries and/or feminine hygiene products), a "free" store (where donated clothing and small household items are free for the taking), a community garden and 2 homeless shelter wings. Our longstanding homeless shelter houses 28 beds, and these beds are almost always full. We have recently opened our new homeless shelter expansion that houses 40 additional beds, including 15 beds specifically for women. After over 3 years of hard work, we are so excited to finally have our expansion beds open!

River City Vineyard holds the belief that every person in society deserves to have a place to sleep, a place to wash, a place to eat, and to be fully clothed. These are the necessities of life. Our mission is to ensure that even the most marginalized and vulnerable in our local community can have access to these necessities, while also feeling loved and accepted just as they are.

The sign on top of the front door of our building reads "Come as you are, you will be loved", and we strive to live this out for each and every individual that we serve!

Total Donations: 10,Funds Raised: $825.00

Sarnia Lambton Rebound

"Founded in 1984, when three Sarnia citizens, Barry Symington, Dee Cox, and Terry Fitzgerald, came together to respond to needs identified by youth in our community. Sarnia-Lambton Rebound has grown immensely and is now a local, and provincial, leader in life skills facilitation, education, and cognitive skill development. Having successfully served over 40,000 young people across Lambton County, each Rebound program strives to meet our mission: to be a caring partner in the successful development of youth.

Rebound currently delivers 12 programs offering education and support to youth ages 8 to 24. Covering topics such as substance use prevention; developing resilience and coping skills; and fostering social and cognitive skills (such as goal-setting, decision-making, and teamwork). Rebound is the lead agency for The Hub, a wraparound support service for youth ages 12 to 24 with resources supporting homeless and at-risk youth. The services offered (ex. housing, emergency food) come to the youth, not vice versa. The Spectrum program offers a safe and supportive environment for 2SLGBTQ+ youth in Sarnia-Lambton. Rebound Rocks is a music therapy program for youth ages 12 to 18. Participants learn music, life skills, increase their self-confidence and respect while being engaged in their community. Rebound designed this program to foster resilience, encourage self-confidence and provide the creative outlet through which youth can experience the therapeutic benefit of music. Rebound has a history of coming together to meet the unique needs of our community and adapting its programming to meet the needs of the youth."

Total Donations: 0,Funds Raised: $0.00

St. Clair Child & Youth Services

St. Clair Child & Youth Services is the Lead Agency in Lambton County for infant, children, and youth mental health. We first opened our doors on May 1, 1971, and last year we celebrated 50 years of empowering mental wellness in this community. We are an accredited agency that provides high-quality family-centered mental health services for infants, children, and youth from birth through age 18. We strive to raise awareness of the importance of mental and emotional health and are advocates of reducing stigma. Our agency recognizes and supports the valuable contributions of youth and families in our community, and we recognize them as valuable decision-making partners. We provide young people with responsive, quality resources and treatment that meet their unique needs. In addition to our two locations, services are provided in homes, schools, community centres, medical facilities, and meeting places throughout Lambton County. During our last fiscal year, over 5000 individuals were served. Youngsters come to us for a variety of mental health concerns such as (but not limited to) behaviour problems at home or school, depression, anxiety, thoughts of self-harm, emotional challenges, and other mental health concerns. A significant majority of children and youth experienced harm to their mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic and we continue to see an increasing number of children and youth with high acuity. COVID-19 also challenged us in the way we were providing services, but our staff responded without hesitation, and we are now able to provide virtual services in addition to in-person. For more information on our services please check out our website: https://www.stclairchild.ca/

Total Donations: 3,Funds Raised: $220.00

SWONT Conductive Education Trust Fund

S.W.O.N.T. Conductive Education has been offering a four-week summer program to children aged 2-16, with cerebral palsy and other motor challenges since 1999. Certified Conductor Teachers come to us each summer to provide this program. Two conductor teachers provide the program for a maximum of 8 children per camp. Summer camps are offered in Sarnia, Windsor, London, and Chatham. The cost of the program is approximately $2000 per child however parents are only asked to pay a $200 commitment fee and help support our fundraising projects. We are grateful for the opportunity to take part in the Race To Erase as a fundraising endeavor. For more information visit us at www.swontconductiveeducation.com or follow us on Facebook at S.W.O.N.T Conductive Education Trust Fund https://www.facebook.com/Helpingchildrenonestepatatime

Total Donations: 19,Funds Raised: $535.00

Women's Interval Home of Sarnia-Lambton

The Women's Interval Home of Sarnia- Lambton Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization that provides 24-hour emergency and short-term shelter. The 10-room shelter hosts 17 mothers and children, ensuring all essential items are provided, including private rooms and three meals a day. We are More Than a Shelter as we offer a 24 hour crisis support line, information sessions, Restorative Community Practice program, transitional and housing support, and counselling services to abused women and children of all ages regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. In 2021 over 1000 women and children were supported through our services. Our vision is a safe and supported community where all voices are heard, and everyone lives free of abuse.

Total Donations: 0,Funds Raised: $0.00

YMCA Sarnia-Lambton

The YMCA Sarnia-Lambton's mission is to enrich our communities through growth in spirit, mind, and body for people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities.

We believe that inside everyone has the potential to achieve greatness but sometimes barriers can get in the way. Here at the Y, everyone belongs, and everyone has the right to participate. Our programs and services are designed to cater to all, regardless of their financial capabilities or background. That is why we offer financial assistance to those who need it, ensuring that no one is left behind.

With your support, we can make a real difference in the lives of those in need. Imagine a local child learning to swim or enjoying a week of summer day camp - laughing and making new friends. Imagine a family new to Canada connecting with their community through healthy activities at the Y. Or imagine a low-income senior exercising safely and making new friends at their local branch. Together, we can make all of these possibilities a reality and help ignite their potential.

Total Donations: 0,Funds Raised: $0.00